Llanidloes Car Club

Welcome to the Llani Car Club website.

Llani Car Club first hit the road in July 2007. We currently have a VW Lupo, Renault Clio and Ford Focus estate.

The beauty of a car club is that you get to share the cost of the overheads and can avoid having to buy a second car. For those who are even braver, you can ditch your only car, but we recommend you use the car club car for at least three months before you do that.

Currently we have 51 members, 11 of whom do not have a car in their household.

Are you visiting the Llanidloes area, would you like to be able to use a car while you are here? You will need to join the car club, deposit is £100 which is a refundable when you leave. You will also need to bring your driving licence. Please note due to the terms of our insurance, we cannot accept anyone who is under 25 or who has had a drink-driving conviction. Please contact us for the latest forms.

If you are interested in setting up your own community car club read our key steps guide.

Below is an extract, featuring Llani Car Club, from the DVD ‘What's the Point in Going Green?’

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