Llanidloes Car Club CIC

Welcome to the Llani Car Club CIC website.

Llani Car Club first hit the road in July 2007 with 4 members and an old comfortable Peugeot 405 Estate. As well as 2 petrol cars, a Renault Clio and Nissan Note we now have a brand new Renault Zoe, our first electric vehicle with a range of 186 miles.

The beauty of a car club is that you get to share the cost of the overheads and can avoid having to buy a second car. For those who are even braver, you can ditch your only car, but we recommend you use the car club car for a while before you do that.

Currently we have 20 members, 6 of whom do not have a car in their household and rely on the club for their motorised transport when other forms of transport don’t meet their needs.  Here in Llanidloes we do have bus services passing through to and from Aberystwyth and Shrewsbury and heading south to Llandrindod Wells, but they are every 2 hours and not on a Sunday.  Our nearest train station is Caersws and the Shrewsbury bus only connects with a few of the trains. The car club helps people to fill the gaps while still using public transport, without the need to own a car.

What does it cost to join and use the car club cars?

There is an annual membership fee of £30 and you will also need to pay a deposit of £150 which is a refundable when you leave. The cost using a car is 23p per mile and £1 per hour. The hourly rate is capped at £18 per 24 hour period.  For example, if you drive 100 miles and have the car for 1.5 days you will be charged £23 (100 miles) + £18 (1 day) + £12 (half a day) = £53.  The cost includes petrol, the cost of any fuel you need to purchase will be credited to your account providing a receipt is given.  Bills are emailed at the beginning of the following month.

Please note due to the terms of our insurance, we cannot accept anyone who has had a drink-driving conviction. Please contact us for the latest forms.

Contact Details should you require further information

Andrew Capel

01686 411166