How do I join?
You will need to read and complete our membership form.  Pay the annual membership fee of £30 and refundable deposit of £150, by cash, cheque or BACS

My spouse or other family members wants to join too?
Other members of the same household or family may become “Family Members”.  Each one still needs to complete a separate membership form; 

Can I use the car for business?
Yes, our insurance covers business use, subject to a few restrictions such as excluding commercial travelling, entertainers, professional models, gamblers and using it for reward such as a taxi service.

Are there any other insurance restrictions?
You must have never been convicted of drink driving  and have a reasonably clean licence.  If necessary we will check your details with our insurers to make sure they are happy.

Will there always be a car available?
Usually there is, but occasionally both cars may be in use.  We recommend you think ahead and book even if you are not 100% sure you will need it.

How do I book a car?
We use online TeamUp calendar so you can book a car 24/7.  Details will be given to you on joining.  You can also contact our coordinator, who will book a car for you.

How do I pay?
We send out bills at the start of the following month and ask that you pay within 7 days by electronic or telephone banking, we also accept cash or cheques.

If I have booked a car and don’t use it, is there any cost?
No, not currently, all we ask is that you cancel your booking as soon as you know you won’t be needing the car.  This allows others to book it, should they wish to.

Where are the keys kept?
They are kept in secure locations which are accessible 24/7.  You will be shown the location during your familiarisation session.

Do I have to pay for charging?
Yes, if your booking mean you drive a distance greater than 150 miles.

What about any speeding or parking fines?
These are the responsibility of the driver.  If we receive a notification from the authorities about a fine, we will first notify the person who had booked the car, then notify the relevant authorities, who will then write directly to the person. In the case of parking fines, we reserve the right to pay it immediately and claim it back from the member. This is to prevent the cost escalating.

What about charging the electric vehicle?
There are currently two locations where we can charge locally, one in Llanidloes and the other in Glan-y-Nant. Our electricity usage is monitored and we pay it monthly.  There is an RFID card in the car which can be used at GeniePoint and DragonCharging charge points, such as the ones installed by Powys County Council in car parks through out mid Wales.  Note, it is free for us to charge at a Renault garage.